Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Welcome and Construction Notice

Welcome to the Riverside Folk Song Society Blog. We are just getting this organized so there will be a number of changes and additions over the next few weeks (months, years . . .), so check back often.

The purpose of this blog is to keep our RFSS members informed about our activities, themes, etc. as well as post information about other folk music events held locally. We hope to have a page of photos of the 50th anniversary celebration we had back in January of this year as well as some "remember when" photos. We will also be posting some suggestions for song circle etiquette, lists of past themes, and thanks to those who keep (and have kept) this organization going for 50 years. The blog is just another way to maintain contact.

If you wish to have a thought or blog entry posted, you can either respond to a post or email me with your suggestions. I can be reached at
rfss [at sign] hibben [dot] org
(I'm spelling this out to minimize spam).

You can also find us on our website and then send an email directly from there.