Friday, July 2, 2010

Remembers Independence Days Past

Over most of the past 50 years, the RFSS July 4th holiday was marked by a weekend in the mountains, at the cabin of one of our founders, Chet Roistacher. Now, the Roistacher cabin is still in Idyllwild, but Chet and his lovely wife Jean are no longer in the position of hosting the huge gathering it had become, so the society has given this lovely couple a break and will have a regular 3rd Saturday gathering later this month (email me for information if you wish to attend).

Nevertheless, I thought it would be appropriate to recognize the hospitality and generosity of our beloved Roistachers, remembering some of the past 4th of July weekend gatherings. My first visit to their cabin was actually a number of years after I'd joined the society (primarily due to other obligations on the holiday weekend). I was amazed! Not only was the venue perfect for music-making, the variety of people and music genres was overwhelming. I got to meet some folks from over 200 miles away (Chet's gatherings were famous & music lovers attended from all over). The little cabin actually seemed to bulge with people and instruments. We would always store our instrument cases under the big tree near the cabin just to keep the clutter down inside. Most music was made on the deck outside the cabin. Honestly, it boggles my mind to think of how many people could be accommodated.

I have fond memories of the gatherings in Idyllwild, but time marches on and it's OK to begin new traditions. This month (July) will involve other music making opportunities (including our regular meeting on the 17th) and next month also promises more events (RFSS is dark in August so that folks can attend them).

Whatever your summer plans are, I wish you safe & enjoyable times.