Saturday, January 5, 2013

As noted in the post below, I have not been blogging here as often as I should. Part of that is because my schedule does not always allow me to attend all the meetings. I encourage others to send me material to include in these posts and we can have this become a much more active communication medium.


  • A review of an RFSS meeting
  • A promotion of a concert you will be giving (RFSS members only)
  • A recommendation of a music-related product
  • An announcement of an upcoming music event (for the public)
  • A recap of a festival, concert, or other music-related activity
  • An advertisement of a music-related service or product (CDs for sale, music lessons, etc.)
  • An experience (with or without a lesson learned) from your music involvement
  • Recommendations for or reviews of music-related websites
And I know folks can come up with many more. Email them to me - Jean Hibben - and I will post them here (editing done as needed and no offensive or political rhetoric will be posted). Come on, RFSS members, help me out!

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